Reaching an Audience of Almost No One is Actually a Good Thing

The chances that everyone is going to applaud you, never mind even become aware you exist, are virtually nil. Most brands and organizations and individuals that fail fall into the chasm of trying to be all things in order to please everyone, and end up reaching no one. That’s the wrong thing to focus on. […]

Superfans: The Future of the Music Industry

Who are super fans? They're the fans who want to connect on a deeper level with recording artists—and are willing to pay for it. And while records are no longer sold like they used to be, artists now have the technology to connect to their audiences directly and build their base, one super fan at […]

Thriving in a Post-Download Era with Superfans

Superfans. These are some of the most interesting men and women in the music industry right now and they’re particularly important to artists. – Benji Rogers, Founder and President of PledgeMusic You are a recording artist. You are planning your next album project. For your previous album in 2012 you pre-sold it solely via iTunes. […]

Stop Talking About Music Fans as Whales, Dolphins, and Minnows (WDM)

In the last few months alone, I’ve heard both a presenter at SF Music Tech XVI and the guy who founded a leading online music business school refer to fans as Whales, Dolphins, and Minnows. Yes. Seriously. I had heard the phrase before, but never applied to an artist’s fans. Most certainly not in the […]